• What is ECA?

    An Explanation of the Electrochemical Activation Process.

  • The Technology

    The Patented Technology Behind the ACTIVE Solutions.

  • The Benefits

    What Can Eco-Lyte Do For Your Environment?

  • Accreditations

    Test and Accreditation Data From Leading Authorities and Institutions.

Welcome to McClean

We provide eco-friendly cleaning and treatment solutions for industrial, agricultural and domestic markets. We believe in environmentally friendly solutions and know that “green” does not have to mean weak or inferior. Our speciality is patented Electrochemically Activated water solutions (ECA), which will change the way we clean our homes & businesses, treat our water, grow and process our food, and much, much more.

What We Do:

Distribution, consultation & integration of eco-friendly solutions into current processes such as CIP, food processing, farming, bottling, manufacturing, water treatment and many more. We remove harmful chemicals from industrial processes, making them simpler, whilst also saving money and adding value.

Our Market:

Our products and technology integrate with and improve processes in a wide range of industries including: Water Treatment • Industrial Cleaning & Disinfection • Agriculture • Cooling towers • Breweries • Food Processing • Health Care • Swimming Pools/Spa's • Mining • Aquaculture & Seafood Processing.


Via our patented ECA technology we manufacture and distribute Eco-Lyte products. Eco-Lyte (NTL) is a strong, fast-acting disinfectant. It is pH neutral for corrosion-sensitive applications and kills all known bacteria & virus on contact. Eco-Lyte (DG) is a mild degreaser and detergent. Highly alkaline, non-foaming, with no residue, it is ideal for cleaning and removal of syrups, fats & proteins.

Delphis Eco

We also distribute the award-winning European label Delphis Eco, a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products developed from plant-based organic surfactants, they are non-toxic, completely biodegradable and very cost-effective. Delphis has won a number of accreditations and awards, including the coveted EU Ecolabel accreditation.