McClean (PTY) LTD is a company which offers environmentally friendly solutions to the cleaning and disinfection challenges facing industry and the public today. Based in the city of George on the Garden Route in the southern Cape, McClean also has agencies in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

The primary focus of McClean (PTY) LTD is ECA Technology solutions (Electrochemically Activated water).

McClean (PTY) LTD provides a consultation service and customises onsite solutions for large users such as farmers, factories, bottling plants, fisheries, etc., with benefit to cost, process, safety, quality and, of course, green standards.

We also manufacture, distribute and integrate a range of environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitising solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

Manufacture of the Eco-Lyte bottled product for smaller consumers is carried out locally, providing the end user with a low-cost, environmentally-friendly product with a low-carbon footprint, which is accredited by some of the world’s most stringent authorities and quality control boards.

As people become more aware of the negative impact of traditional cleaning products and processes on the environment and on human health, Electrochemically Activated products will change the way we clean our homes & business, treat our water, grow and process our food and much more.

We believe that “green” does not have to mean weak or inferior and that there is an environmentally-friendly solution to all of the cleaning and sanitising challenges faced by industry and the home user.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to play a vital role in ‘greening’ South African industry, making it more eco-friendly and helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

Our mission is to introduce the benefits of ECA technology solutions to all forms of industry, helping growers, producers, manufacturers, service providers, corporates and enterprises adopt this ‘green’ technology in as many applications as possible as a safe, renewable, cost-effective alternative to harmful chemicals, thus enabling them to improve yield, quality, safety, shelf life and processes whilst keeping our food, animals and people away from harmful chemicals.

Science and nature in harmony…

How It Works

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The development, testing and approval of ECA Technologies …

The Benefits

Eco-Lyte is Efficient:

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The Technology

ECA Technology is the term used for Electrical …

What is ECA?

Electrochemical Activation (ECA) technology allows for the modification …