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Baywater Village Timeshare Resort, Sedgefield, South Africa – 2013

Waste Water

A drip feed of NTL has been setup into the final stage of the effluent plant.  This constantly doses NTL to ensure final disinfection of sewage bacteria.  We have monitored levels of 1ppm plus on discharge and this ensures that all microbes are destroyed.  The product is very easy to work with and it efficacy has been proven many times by passing municipality tests.


The resorts large swimming pool was dosed with Eco-lyte NTL in place of Chlorine and the difference was noticeable. Good colour and sparkle and no chlorine odor.  This will be of big benefit to the indoor pool at Eagles Nest as guests complain of chlorine of odor.

Manage-It Laundry

 Quote from Magda Grootboom

Dit wat ek met die Ecolyte gemikalee ondervind is dat hoe meer ek met dit werk hoe minder kry ek geel kole op die linen. Dit is nie net goed vir die was van linen maar jy kan dit vir algemene skoon maak ook gebruik. Waar ek altyd Asyn in die machine gegooi het is dit ook nie meer nodig nie want die DG skoonmaakmiddels doen die wasgoed en maak die machine in die selfede tyd skoon. Wat alles nog meer interresant maak van die produk is dat jy nie nodig het om beskermde klere te dra wanner jy met die produk werk nie, jy is ten volle veilg. Jy kan die produk direk op die merk gooi sonder dat jy die linen sal beskadig. Hoemeer die linen aan Ecolyte bekend sal wees sal die duur van die linen nog langer wees, want op die oomblik gebruik ons baie sterk middels van Hychem wat die duur van linen kan verkort en wat baie nadelig is om mee te werk.

Daron Clean (Housekeeping)

Quote from Yvette Raffanti:

With regard to Housekeeping, the feedback which I have received is as follows:-

 Ecolyte – DG (General Degreaser – Multipurpose)

Works excellently, no streaks on tiles, glasses, countertops, toilets, baths, glass shower doors, floors, windows, mirrors, taps etc – in fact all surfaces;

Just spray and wipe – no rinsing required;

Clean smell – effectively eliminates the smell of urine and other bathroom/kitchen odours;

Not necessary to use as much Air-Freshener as before and in some cases not any Air-Freshener is required as it smells clean & hygienic;

Also used to clean cooking pots – spray on pot, interior & exterior, rinse in hot water and dry.  Shines!

Experiment carried out on a greasy pan – DG was sprayed on, left for a short while and then wiped off without any hard scrubbing required.

 Ecolyte – NTL (includes Sanitiser)

Effectively cleans out toilets, bathrooms, showers including mildew and limescale

Just spray and wipe – no rinsing required

Safe to use – no masks or gloves required – excellent in this regard as far as Health & Safety concerned

No streaking!

Clean smell – a smell of cleanliness and good hygiene

Excellent for cutlery – NTL added to hot water – cutlery comes out shiny and sanitised

Not necessary to use Bleach/JIK on cups and teapots for stains – just spray on NTL and then wash and dry and per normal

 I have also been informed that with the previous chemical products a lot of product had to be used and lot of hard scrubbing had to done.  With Ecolyte not as much product is used and there is no – or a minimum – of hard scrubbing required. Mostly it’s just a question of spray and wipe.  The housekeepers are very happy about it being used also on the floors as there is no streaking.

 Using microfiber cloths further enhances the Ecolyte product’s effectiveness and improves the cleaning process.

 The housekeeping staff also have a positive outlook with regard to the Ecolyte product especially because it is safe and not harsh on their hands.  In fact their hands are also sanitised when using the NTL!!”

Treatment of Drinking Water in Retirement Home, Holland – 2010

Dosing: The drinking water is controlled by Redox range 650mV to 700mV.
Results: Complete elimination of Legionella by dosing with Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL).
Special: Redox and pH meter control. Water softener installed.
Results: In 2010 we had to clean the water system two times because of Legionella. We also had to change all shower heads! The cleaning costs were more than 70.000 Euro. Since June, we are working with ECA technology systems and don’t have any more problems with Legionella.”

Fish Processing Factory “KILIC”, Turkey – 2009

“We successfully use Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) and Catholyte (Eco-Lyte DG) in fish processing industry.
Washing and disinfecting fish coming from farm: Firstly fish are washed in a pool by using 3-10% of Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL).
Disinfecting and washing of surfaces, walls, premises and containers: Catholyte (Eco-Lyte DG) should be mixed with the detergent and water, habitually used for removing fat from containers, table and floor. This enables to cut the amount of detergent needed by 50% or more. Disinfecting: Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) of 50% (250mg/lt of active chlorine), pH 7.0-7.5, ORP 700-900 is used alone, exposure is 15-20 min. Afer disinfecting it is not necessary to the wash the surface with water.”
Disinfecting fillet: Fillets are washed and disinfected by using Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) of 1-4% – increase the shelf-life of our products.
Disinfecting water for Ice Maker: Using 3-5% Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) disinfecting water for producing ice. Ice used for the transportation of fish from farm to factory and delivery to customer. During the transportation there is no microbial growth on the product. Because ice containing active Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL), it prevents the microbial activity.”

Cattle Farm, Belgium (Jean Paul Bastin) – 2008

Information: 250 Cows and Calves for meat production. Dosing rate: 4% Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL).
Results: All skin disease was gone after 4-5 days by spraying neat Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) on the infected area, the disease was a wet skin disease and is normally very hard to treat. High mortality last year, 80 animals died due to bluetongue disease, now after only two months using Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL), the animals have never been in such good shape.”

Carrot Processing Factory, Belgium – 2007

Information: We process about 30 tons of carrots per day. Before the use of well water was not possible due to the poor quality. As the carrots are controlled weekly by an official lab, we had to change to city water. The yearly cost was 40.000 Euro. Since June 2007 we introduced ECA technology, the lab results were very good.
Dosing Rate: 3% in all well water, for dosing with Grundfos pump, water softener is also installed.
Results: After the first wash the carrots are peeled and the final wash is done. Carrots stay 24 hours at 10 – 12 degrees Celcius with a fine misty fog with 3% Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) treated water. Carrots are then packed. After the first wash the water is filtered and used again, adding 300 litre Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) per day to avoid the bad smell we had before.”

Dairy Farm, Belgium (Christian Royen) – 2005

Information: 55 Milk Cows, 45 Calves. Dosing rate: 3% Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) in drinking water.
Results: Mastitis nearly disappeared; now maybe 1 case every 3-4 months. Hoof disease and Mortellaro also disappeared using footbath once a week (for first two weeks doing treatment daily because of acute problems). Cell count went down extremely. Medication cost was reduced by 70%. Cleaning and disinfection material reduced by 80%.”

Report from Aqua Solutions for Greenhouses, Israel – 2005

“An Israeli group of greenhouses carried out a micro-lab test to find out the efficiency of Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL) on the following:
1) Fusarium oxysporum
2) Clavibacter michiganesis pv. michiganesis (Cmm)
The Test:
a) Minimal inhibitory concentration (Mic)
b) Minimal bactericidal – Fungal concentration test (MBC, MFC)
Tests have been done 3 times with the following dilutions: 0, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32, 1:64, 1:128, 1:256, 1:512
1) Fusarium oxysporum
MIC – 1:4
MBC – 1:4
2) Clavibacter michiganesis pv. michiganesis (Cmm)
MIC – 1:8
MBC – 1:8
In the above mentioned dilutions, the quantity of both bacteria and fungi reduce to 0.”

Tallinna Vesi AS / Tallinn Water Ltd (Republic of Estonia) – Cleaning of Municipal Water – drinking water and waste returned to the rivers

Task: To disinfect 200 m3/h of drinking water or approximately 5000 m3/day.
To remove biofilms and various sediments from the water pipes.
Results: Complete disinfection according to potable standards and removal of biofilm and sediments in water pipes.”

Egg Farm, Belgium – 2004

Information: 70 000 layers delivered 16 weeks old, leaving the barns after 78 weeks to the slaughter house. The well water is treated from the beginning with 3% Anolyte (Eco-Lyte NTL).
Results: Egg production rate is 6% higher than before over the complete cycle.
Egg mass is 5 to 6 gram higher per egg.
Mortality went down 30% comparing to the rounds before.
The numbers of broken eggs and dirty eggs went down extremely.”


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