On-Site Production


For larger organisations and industries, we supply the hardware which produces Eco-Lyte solutions. We will perfom a complete GAP analysis of your operation, and make recommendations as to which solution would be best suited to your business. Contact us by phone or email for more information or to make an appointment.

The environmental and ecological benefits from the significant reduction in chemical usage is one of the key benefits for using Electro Chemical Activation technology. Now you can have your own manufacturing ‘plant’ right on your own premises for this versatile, multi-purpose, cost saving product.

Features of the ECA Technologies Africa® Units:

•  The units electrolyse salt (brine solution) and water using polymer or ceramic membranes to separate the positive and negative ions. As a result of the chemical reactions two types of activated solutions are produced:

•   Anolyte – a strong, fast-acting disinfectant which kills all known bacteria and viruses within minutes, and

•  Catholyte – an alkaline solution which removes heavy metals from water through precipitation or serves as an excellent washing liquid.

•  The units are built in various sizes to address different applications. The units can be used either where only small volumes of disinfectants are required for domestic treatment or for large scale projects where disinfection, sterilisation or water purification are required. The strength of the solutions can be also varied by changing the electrical input into the units.

•  PC/Internet control is optional for all units. This allows remote monitoring of the unit to remedy any potential problem from a control room at any location or distance from the installation site.

•  The units automatically produce activated solutions of different types and strengths to suit your needs. They perform as standalone units or can easily be implemented in a continuous process in more complex systems.

•  A self-cleaning cycle has been programmed into all machines which ensures easy maintenance, maximum productivity and long lifetime without maintenance.

•  There is a minimal hydraulic resistance against liquids flowing through the cell chambers which guarantees that optimum flow rate is achieved.

•  The unique design of the central cell ensures that electrolyte used to produce activated solutions has maximum contact with the electrodes and therefore ensures the most effective use of energy and minimum waste of raw materials.

•  The electrodes are specifically designed to endure high electrochemical loading as are the membranes which separate the solutions.

•  The control system is simple and easy to operate. It can be altered to suit differing applications and conditions.

•  Stabilisation of working current is introduced to ensure a stable quality of the generated solutions.

•  Brine feed ventures and pinch valves are introduced to ensure accurate dosage under all conditions at any time.

•  The enclosure is made of non-corrosive materials. Tubes and connectors are of EPDM/PVDF plastics and are highly resistant against aggressive solutions.

•  All input and output connectors are located either at the rear or at one side of the unit to enable easy installation.

•  A simple on/off switch with power indicator starts and stops the unit manually.

•  Level-switches enable automatic starting and stopping of the unit.

 Benefits of the ECA Technologies Africa® Units:

•  Easy and safe to use

•  Efficient: 1-5 minutes sterilisation contact time

•  Self-cleaning

•  Cost effective

•  Fully automated

•  Fixed strength solutions

•  Simple installation and maintenance

•  Environmentally and ecologically friendly

•  No moveable or replaceable parts