Cooling Systems

Eco-Lyte (NTL) Anolyte is highly effective as a biocide in water treatment for cooling towers. Enhanced disinfection and minimal impact on scaling and corrosion are among the benefits of using anolyte instead of oxidising biocides such as chlorine or bromine for cooling tower maintenance.

The Eco-Lyte (NTL) Anolyte biocide solution also destroys and prevents biofilm from attaching to internal pipework, eliminating the environment in which bacteria and spores thrive, and increasing the efficiency of circulation within the water network. The combined effect of zero biofilm, no residual sodium chloride and a mild corrosion inhibitor ensures that no corrosion of pipework and plant occurs, thus extending the lifetime operation of the cooling system. The system also helps reduce the build-up of scale, salts and impurities, prolonging circulation cycles.

The solutions generated by ECA Technologies devices destroy all forms of bacteria, spores, protozoa, fungi, algae and viruses in a very short contact time with no residual contamination or resistance. Legionella, cryptosporidium and other heterotrophic bacteria particularly prevalent in cooling systems, are destroyed on contact both in water systems and in evaporation mist.

The biocide is generated on-site and requires only minimal cost inputs of potable water, salt and a low energy supply to operate. The device eliminates the need for costly and hazardous chemical inputs, inventory, storage and disposal and substantially reduces energy costs. Additionally, system life-cycles are extended due to lower rates of corrosion and greater efficiency of circulation rates. System down-time is also reduced as draining and cleaning requirements are minimised.

When used as a condensed water treatment in cooling towers, Eco-Lyte treated blow-down water does not contain harmful chemical contaminants which have to be further treated through a sewage treatment plant. Instead the blow-down water can be used directly for irrigation with no further treatment, or passed through a RO treatment plant and recycled back into the condensed water system.

The ECA solutions are completely environmentally friendly, using only natural inputs, no harmful chemicals and very limited energy. Performance in eliminating microbial contamination and enhancing systems efficiency is proven and highly cost-effective.

Principal Control Features:

• Controlling scaling deposition on cooling surfaces (CaCO3, CaSO4 and SiO2) deposits;

• Providing corrosion protection for copper, copper/nickel tubing, admiralty (copper alloy) and carbon and stainless steels;

• Controlling microbiological growth including biofilms on cooling surfaces and bacterial counts in the cooling tower basin water;

• Controlling airborne impurities including contaminants and particulates washed out of the air and other contaminants that enter external to the water source;


The benefits of using Eco-Lyte (NTL) anolyte for cooling tower maintenance include:

• Environmentally-friendly treatment of condensed water;

• Complete elimination of all microbial contaminants including Legionella, cryptosporidium and algae, enhancing public safety;

• Prevention of build-up of biofilm leading to more efficient and extended life time operation;

• No corrosion of plant or pipework;

• Reduction of iron and heavy metals in water circulation;

• Cheaper annual & life time operating costs than traditional chemical treatments;

• No hazardous or harmful chemicals to purchase, transport, store or dispose of;

• Blow-down water can be used directly for irrigation without being passed through a sewage treatment plant, or after RO treatment be recirculated back into the condensed water system;

• ECA Technology devices are scalable so multiple cooling towers can be treated by single, larger units leading to economy of scale in application.