Hospitality & Catering

Eco-Lyte (NTL) Anolyte may be used for a variety of applications in hotels and catering facilities to provide a clean and microbial-free  environment. The anolyte biocide can be used in hot and cold water, open or closed systems and is a highly efficient, versatile and cost-effective way to maintain health and hygiene standards throughout a hotel or catering facility, in a way which is demonstrably environmentally sensitive.


• Hotel water treatment for hot and cold water supplies throughout the hotel facilities to eliminate bacteria, spoors, fungi and cysts;

• Hotel pools and spas creating a chlorine-free, totally effective microbial-free swimming environment;

• Cleaner water features, ensuring safe facilities;

• Food preparation – salad and fruit washing and surface cleaning;

• Restaurants – kitchen and general cleaning;

• Routine washing and cleaning of crockery and cutlery;

• Laundering of linen and towels;

• General cleaning and disinfectant routines – floors, walls, toilets and bathrooms

• Soft fabric cleaning to improve cleaning and disinfection effectiveness.


• On-site production of disinfectant to replace purchased chemicals;

• Very low cost production of disinfectants;

• Multiple uses throughout the facility;

• Effective against all forms of bacteria, cysts, fungi, algae and viruses;

• No inventory or procurement of disinfectant chemicals required;

• Green and environmentally sensitive disinfectants;

• Enhanced cleanliness and hygiene;

• Improved Municipal and regulatory compliance to hygiene and water quality standards;

• Increased safety for both staff and guests;

• Reduced public liability;

• Easy to operate and maintain.