Food Processing & Bottling

The food processing and bottling industries use huge volumes of water for a wide variety of purposes throughout the processing chain. A vitally important requirement therefore is clean water, uncontaminated with micro-organisms that may prove either to be a health hazard for consumers or shorten the shelf life of the products.

ECA technology is organic in origin as it uses only natural and sustainable inputs of water and salt to generate natural biocides.

Using Eco-Lyte anolyte in food and beverage processing facilities achieves five major functions:

• It disinfects plant and machinery, ensuring that there is no reservoir of microbial contamination;

•  It disinfect and cleans the pipe networks, destroying biofilm which is the environment in which microbes thrive;

•  It disinfects the water itself, ensuring clean and sterile supplies;

•  It disinfects bottles, containers and packaging;

• It cleans and sterilises food, preventing mould and bacterial propagation, and extending shelf life


Anolyte is used for a wide variety of applications in food and drink processing and preparation, including:

• Salad washing in chlorine-free water to eliminate bacterial contamination and prevent chemical taint;

•  Fruit and vegetable washing to eliminate yeasts and moulds and increase shelf life;

•  In dairies to clean and disinfect pipework and provide sterile water supplies in cheese and dairy product processing;

•  Fish and shell fish primary and secondary washing to clean and disinfect then use of anolyte treated ice to pack and enhance preservation and extend shelf life without chemical taint;

•  Bottle and flask pre-fill washing to sterilise containers;

•  Poultry processing and packaging to eliminate bacterial contamination and enhance preservation and extend shelf life without chemical treatment;

•  Cleaning-in-place of process plant and equipment;

•  Cleaning and sterilisation of work surfaces and food contact areas.


The benefits of using Eco-Lyte in the food processing and bottling industries include:

• On site secondary treatment to ensure water purity;

•  Treatment of recycled water;

• Biofilm and contamination removal in pipework;

• No chemical taint;

• Continuous decontamination of process water;

• Extended shelf life;

• Low cost of application;

• Multi-usage applications;

• Low maintenance downtime of plant and equipment due zero flushing requirements to remove chemical cleaning agents;

• Totally safe, effective and easy to use;

• No inventory or procurement processes;

• Environmentally sustainable biocides.