Oil & Gas Water Cleaning

Water produced during oil and gas extraction operations constitutes the industry’s most important waste stream by volume. The oil and gas industry produces approximately 14 billion barrels (2.226 trillion litres) of waste water annually.

Electrochemically Activated (ECA) technology is an innovative water disinfection technology which involves the exposure of water, and the natural salts, to a substantial electrical potential difference. With this technology the natural water chemistry is used to produce highly effective disinfection agents that destroy viruses and bacteria and preventing biofouling.

Another benefit of the electrochemically activated water is that it also serve as a surfactant, thus reducing fouling; for example membrane fouling by Calcium Carbonate precipitation.

Anolyte and catholyte solutions have been used for the stimulation and enhancement of oil and gas production and to improve the performance of drilling muds for more than 20 years.

Anolyte solutions are used to enhance production from wells which have been impacted by down-hole growth of bacteria, and other microorganisms, by killing the bacteria and removing the restrictive biomass.

Industrial Water Treatment

Water used for the fracturing of oil and gas wells can be treated with Eco-Lyte Anolyte to manage bacteria, protecting fracturing fluids and gels, and ensuring polymer and propant performance. Anolyte solutions remove scale and slime build-up from pipes, and cooling water systems can be kept free of biomass, improving heat exchange values and eliminating corrosion caused by microbial-induced corrosion. Produced water may be treated before being revised in stimulation fluids or water floods.

Anolyte has been approved for use in the following oil and gas industry applications:

Frack water;

Sour wells;

Produced waters;

Water flood injection waters;

Oil and gas transmission lines;

Heater treaters;

Hydrocarbon storage facilities;

Gas storage wells.

Data collected from field operations where frack water was treated with anolyte shows that the bacteria levels in the frack water are reduced below the threshold level that would adversely impact stimulation fluids and gels.

Catholyte substantially reduces the surface tension of water and can be used to condition water used to stimulate well production.

Eco-Lyte anolyte is considered non-hazardous by all relevant authorities. Protective equipment and site safety measures are not required for anolyte applications. Once anolyte has fully degraded, it leaves no ecological damage to well sites.

Anolyte and catholyte solutions have been effective in the management of bacteria and other microorganisms in oil and gas production for years. With Eco-Lyte solutions, this unique technology may be utilised to improve production and profits and do so in an environmentally responsible manner. Eco-Lyte solutions quickly return to their original state – a weak salt brine.