Clean In Place (CIP)

Electrochemically-activated (ECA) Clean In Place (CIP) eliminates organic residues like precipitated proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and other contaminants that harbour bacteria and ultimately lead to bio-corrosion. Particularly in industries that require stringent hygiene like the beverage, brewing, dairy and processed foods industries, ECA Clean In Place offers a faster, less labour intensive and more repeatable method to maintain meticulously clean systems.

The advantages of this technology are elimination of the energy required for thermal processes, and a rapid cleaning cycle that significantly improves facility production rates due to less down time for cleaning. Eco-Lyte products are highly effective at eliminating biofilm, ultimately resulting in less bacterial contamination, reduced disinfectant requirements, and more durable disinfectant residuals to prevent recontamination. With less organics in distribution piping, fewer disinfection byproducts are formed and microbiologically-induced corrosion (MIC) is reduced. Compatibility of the solution with existing materials of construction are excellent and below industry standards for corrosion. Eco-Lyte is a cost-effective option compared to other CIP alternatives. Produced on-site and on demand, Eco-Lyte is an inherently safer Clean In Place disinfectant, using only salt, water, and power for production.

Without hazardous chemicals transported, generated or stored, Eco-Lyte offers superior safety for plant personnel and the community. A 100% environmentally friendly product, Eco-Lyte will not cause allergic skin reactions, is not harmful when inhaled, and will not contribute to the poisonous chemicals being discharged into the environment.