Poultry & Egg Production

Eco-Lyte anolyte and catholyte are invaluable in the poultry industry, and fast becoming an essential tools for many professionals in poultry and egg farming.

By applying Eco-Lyte anolyte solution to the drinking water of laying hens and broilers, using Eco-Lyte anolyte to wash carcasses and eggs (where salmonella is a particular risk), as well as implementing a strict CIP (Clean-In-Place) policy using Eco-Lyte anolyte, studies have proven that:

•  Food is better digested and therefore better absorbed, resulting in better Average Daily Gain;

•  Reduction in veterinary costs;

•  Up to 30% decrease in mortality rate;

•  Up to six percent increase in egg production;

•  Improved egg mass – up to 6 grams heavier per egg;

•  Substantially stronger shells resulting in a decrease in egg breakage;

•  Improved health of staff (no exposure to chemicals).