Dental & Health Care

Water quality in hospitals and healthcare centres is of major importance in protecting patients, staff and visitors from hospital acquired infection.

Water is an ideal medium for propagating and carrying pathogens and causing infection when contact is made. However, water can also be used as an effective carrier for disinfection agents which enhance infection control and minimise the risk of nosocomial infection.

Infection Control Committees in all hospitals are aware of the increasing resistance of various pathogens to traditional chemical disinfectants and the need for new approach to disinfectant strategies which kill all harmful microbes but are totally safe for use for staff, patients and the environment.

One of the main problems in dental and health clinics is bacterial growth in small-bore water pipes such a dental water lines. Layers of bacterial biofilm are created within the pipe networks, which contaminate the water flow, resulting in patient contact and acquired infection. Maintaining the water quality is therefore a critical priority for all clinics.

Eco-Lyte anolyte will destroy all forms of micro-organisms – even those that are normally extremely difficult to kill and have high levels of resistance to chemical attack – such as pathogenic bacteria including MSRA and Clostridium difficile (C.Diff), cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia , protozoa, spoors such as anthrax and Legionella, and viruses such as avian flu, fungi and algae.

It is a cost effective, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly disinfectant which can be produced on site. It is completely non-toxic, and is cheap and easy to produce in any quantity using the ECA Technologies device, salt water, and electricity.

The beneficial properties of Eco-Lyte anolyte include:

• pH neutral

• Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-odorous, non-corrosive

• No by-products such as trichloromethanes, trihalomethanes and bromates

• Completely safe for human contact – mimics immune systems natural defences to kill infectious pathogens

• Eliminates all microbial contamination in the water supplies

• Destroys biofilm – the environment on the internal surfaces of water pipes in which micro-organisms propagate

• Prevents odours

• Degrades over time to original constituents of dilute brine solution

• No microbial resistance or mutation

• Effective at very low concentrations

• On-demand generation of safe and effective biocide on site from minimal natural sustainable inputs

• Multi-use applications – water treatment, surface cleaning, specialist cleaning, wound care, etc.

• Achieves rapid compliance with Municipality & International Water Quality Standards

• Very low dosing rates for protection

• All hard and soft materials in contact with treated water also sterilised

• Patients and staff fully protected

• No corrosion of materials

• No by-products associated with traditional chemical treatments – trichloromethanes, trihalomethanes and bromates

• Anolyte can be used for surface cleaning throughout clinics and for specialist sterilisation routines

• Minimal procurement needed, therefore a small inventory, with no disposal

• Easy automated operation and minimum operations and maintenance

• Very small environmental and carbon footprint

• Comparatively low cost of operation.

The anolyte biocide is used throughout hospitals and healthcare centres for the following applications:

• Water treatment throughout the facilities to eliminate water-borne microbial contamination

• Cost-effective and safe disinfection of all hard and soft materials

• Laundry washing to disinfect all soft washed materials

• Operating theatre sterilisation through misting application

• Deep cleaning regimes in operating rooms, toilets, canteens, clinics and recreation centres.