Fodder Preservation

By nature, agricultural raw materials are loaded with multiple microbic organisms and pathogens, either before or during harvesting, processing at the factory (operators, processing floor included) or during shipment and storage. Agricultural raw materials are also potential reservoirs for cross contamination. Possible rapid development of bale bacteria, also pathogenic species like Salmonella, E.coli, and toxin-producing fungi can lead to huge economic impact and potential dangers for end consumers, and can cost manufacturers millions of Rands in discarded and rejected products.

Eco-Lyte is recommended as a preservative in green fodder, silage preparation and preservation for storage. Introduction of Eco-Lyte does not fundamentally change the existing traditional procedures, but makes thing easier.

Some benefits are:

• Substantially more cost effective;

•Reduced protein and sugar loss;

•  High quality green fodder, silage can be preserved longer for future consumption regardless of the green mass moisture, composition and weather conditions.

Where animals are fed with the treated fodder, case studies have clearly shown:

• Over 19% increase in milk production;

•  42% weight gain in animals;

•  No chemical exposure.