Livestock and Dairy

The use of electrochemistry in infection control in the European and American livestock and dairy industries is well established. Factors such as hygiene, quality and price are pivotal to an industry which is highly competitive and highly regulated by food standard bodies.

Animal farmers are constantly looking for ways to improve performance. Experience has shown that application of Eco-Lyte products produce the following benefits:

•  Improvement in food conversion ratio;

•  Reduced factory downtimes;

•  Healthy and more active animals resulting in lower mortality rates;

•  Creation of a regime which allows for the elimination of routine bacteria in feed;

•  42% weight gain in animals;

•  Mortality rate reduction by 50% – 80%;

•  Medicine cost reduction by 50% – 90%;

•  Increase in milk production in cows by up to 19%;

•  More effective disease control and cure;

•  Complete hygiene protocol without chemicals.

Applications for Eco-Lyte solutions:


Teat dip: 20-100% Anolyte/ water mix, with emollient such as Glycerin (1 Part Glycerin: 20 part Anolyte) for both pre- and post-dip.

Drinking water treatment: Anolyte is safe and non-toxic, even at full strength. Water disinfection is easily achieved by adding Anolyte to the drinking water.

Hoof bath: For prevention purposes, use undiluted Anolyte once weekly in continuous flow. For hoof infections, use undiluted Anolyte at least once daily for 7-10 days.

Skin and wound treatment: Apply undiluted Anolyte to any superficial skin infection and wound 2-3 times daily to affected area for 7-10 days.

Neonatal diarrhoea: Augment diet with ½ litre Anolyte daily until cured.

Mastitis treatment, uterus and udder disinfection: use 150 -200ml directly into affected area two to three times daily for 7-10 days.

Metritis prevention: Instill one litre undiluted Anolyte directly into womb

Milk line disinfection: use 25-50% Anolyte after initial hot water wash (with or without Catholyte as detergent cleaner).

Silage disinfection and preservation: Applying pure Anolyte by spraying prevents heating and improves nutritional value of feed. Use 15-20 litres Anolyte per ton of silage. Must be applied evenly on every 20cm layer to give full coverage.

Barn and milking shed disinfection and cleaning: runoff is sterile and can actually improve water quality.


Milk line cleaner – undiluted Catholyte effectively removes protein/fat deposits, followed by Anolyte for disinfection (heating the Catholyte to 40°C beforehand improves washing performance)

Cleaning of clothing, overalls, etc. – works very well as a general detergent.